Paella House

Port Townsend

About Paella House

At Paella House we specialize in authentic cuisine from Spain. We take pride in offering the best ingredients available. We use only organic vegetables and we source them locally whenever in season. Our meats are all hormone-free and antibiotic-free and come from local farms (Chorizo is imported from Spain).

We also source our seafood locally when in season. Unlike others, our paellas are made with saffron from Castilla La Mancha and Bomba rice from Valencia.

History of Paella

The first Valencian Paella recipe appeared in an 18th century manuscript in Spain and by the end of the century, the dish was known in the entire Spanish territory. The name of paella comes from the pan in which it is prepared. The paella originated in the area of La Albufera, a freshwater lagoon located on the east coast of Spain, in the province of Valencia.

Valencia has been one of the most important rice-producing areas in Spain since the Moors introduced rice over 1,200 years ago. In fact, the Spanish word for rice is ‘arroz’, which is derived from Arabic.
Grown in large rice fields, bomba rice is the most commonly used kind when making paella. This extraordinary dish expanded throughout the entire Spanish territory, bringing many different kinds of recipes. Traditionally, paella was cooked over pine firewood. The large pan was shared as a common center plate for everyone to eat from while using wooden spoons.

Farmers Market

Come see us and try one of our delicious paellas at the Saturday’s Farmers Market located in Uptown Port Townsend. The Farmers Market is open from April through the end of December.


Hire us to cook at weddings, company parties and any other social gatherings. We will cook in front of your guests so they can witness and enjoy the art of cooking paella. We also pair up with a Flamenco band which puts a world class Flamenco performance. Create the ultimate Spanish experience for your event. Please fill out the bottom form to contact us so we can prepare a free custom quote for you.